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Barracuda Brochure

The Barracuda brochure on the left is an example of a print job I was a part of. I helped with the initial design under the brand director at the time. I also got to use my 3D skills in order to render the Barracuda machine that you see throughout the brochure.

I have also done graphic design for print and publication. With the help of C K Print & Design, I have been trained to use my skills of digital design to work with print operators to bring digital art to physical print.

Hydro-Spray Catalog

The Hydro-Spray brochure is an example of a full catalog I was able to design. I was able to use what I learned from the Barracuda brochure to create a more complete catalog for the manufacturing portion of C K Car Care.

About Me

My goal is to work hard, collaborate and help make ideas come to life. I have been given the opportunity to do this in television, streaming services, trade shows, print and even industries that reach across the globe. There is no way I could have done it alone, and I hope to keep collaborating into the future.

If you want to support the streaming service I helped design and create for, then go visit and help out some old friends.

My current job title is Creative Producer for C K Enterprises, Inc. which means I produce creative work for all sectors of the C K Enterprises umbrella. To do this I use a variety of computer programs that I have listed below.


Program Knowledge:

- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Premier Pro

- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Photoshop
- Blender
- Unreal Engine
- Microsoft Word
- Microsoft Excel


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